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St. Perpetua Catholic Church is nestled among the lakes and trees of Waterford Township. With nearly 1,250 registered families, our age and make-up varies....some single, some older or retired, young families and middle aged. All this makes for a diverse parish family.
We cordially invite you to participate in becoming a part of the action and to become an active member of our parish. Casual visitors are always welcome.
Join us as we do God's work together, striving to grow in wisdom and grace.
Our Logo

Praying Together: We make every effort as a parish family to celebrate life's joys and sorrows by worshipping, praising and thanking God for all favors, graces and blessings.

Working Together: We strive to enhance the well-being of the parish family and the community by facing our responsibilities toward peace and justice for every person.

Playing Together: We promote spiritual, mental and physical health as an essential part of parish life through various social activities meant to be exhilarating to the body and soul.
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Saint Perpetua Parish
134 Airport Road
Waterford, Michigan 48327
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